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Appia logo

Logo design for a new software company, called: Appia Appia is working on a new app/online quiz, with wiki possibilities.

Appia logo

Another version of the Appia logo...

Bimbi logo

Logo for Bimbi product line, we have been using this one since fall 2012 - we have kept the orginal logo on some of our products.

Bimbi logo

Orginal logo for Bimbi. We still use this logo for some of our products.

Gullmolar logo

Logo made for an online retail for children's clothes and accessories.

Tækifæri logo update

Logo update for Tækifæri investment fund - the old logo was a bit outdated with italic logotype and the customer wanted the old look just "freshened up".

Logo competition

North Iceland Symphony Orchestra logo competition. I wanted the logo to represent that silence in music is as important as the sound it self, the logo was considered but not chosen though!


Came up with a name for a new garbage/ recycling drop-off center. The name was supposed to represent it´s location at Hlíðarfjallsvegur. The logotype is the same as in Gámaþjónustan and Gámaþjónusta Norðurlands - which are the owners of Hlíðarvellir.

Grenndargralið logo
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