Children´s book: illustration + design (including layout)


In February the author of Vikkala Sól & hamingjukrúsin contacted me about illustrating her children´s book. From day one we were on the same page regarding the look of the book and I got a lot of creative freedom - which was great!


The book was published in December 2015 and from day one got great reviews.


Vikkala Sól on facebook

Book: layout + design


I love books and have been so fortunate this year (2015) to work on 2 books where I got to be in control of most of the things regarding the looks of them.


This book, called: Sagan af ömmu, was a great project with plenty of old photos that needed fixing, as well as designing the cover and layout.


Grenndargral: Sagan af ömmu


Screens, icons, re-design...


We have been working on a school version of our app 2Know... like in most start-up companies we try to do as much as we can ourselves - even though we have an awesome programmer on our payroll who is always willing to do the extra work. Now as we are preparing for the Bett Technical Show in January 2016, we are designing all kinds of layouts, handouts, business cards and so on.



Website for Café Rosenberg, restaurant and live music venue. The site has the menu and info on location, and is connected to their facebook-site. The place has gotten great reviews on TripAdvisor and was rewarded their Certificate of Excellence - 2015.

Logo - buttons - icons...


I designed the logo, appbutton, various icons and most of the look for the app 2know.


2know is a quiz game you can test your skills in a typical quiz game where you choose a category and get 5 "lives" to finish a series of questions.


What is not so typical about 2know is that you can also make your own quiz and publish it for all to see or password protected.


On top of that you can also play to win, in a fun Company quiz.

Logo - website


Appia is the company behind 2know. I designed the logo and the website. Here are shown two versions of the logo.

Logo - graphics - website - products


Logo for my product line Bimbi. The concept started as my graduation project in graphic design. The logo on the left is the orginal Bimbi logo and I still use it from time to time.

The Logo on the right is since 2012 and is a bit more "simple and clean" and shows the development many or all concepts go through.

Various logos



Logo for a new yoga studio in Akureyri.



New version of the logo, used in the school version.



Logo made for an online retail for children's clothes and accessories.



Logo made for this great concept designed to get kids to connect and get to know the history and culture of their surroundings. More info on:



Came up with a name for a new garbage/ recycling drop-off center. The name represents   it´s location at Hlíðarfjallsvegur. The logotype is the same as in Gámaþjónustan and Gámaþjónusta Norðurlands - which are the owners of Hlíðarvellir.




Logo update for Tækifæri investment fund - the old logo was a bit outdated with italic logotype and the customer wanted the old look just "freshened up".



North Iceland Symphony Orchestra

Logo competition - I wanted the logo to represent that silence in music is as important as the sound it self, the logo was considered but not chosen though! Despite being a school project and a competition I kind of like ;)

Catalog - posters


Information catalog and posters for Menntaskólinn á Akureyri / The Akureyri Junior College


Catalog - online version

Ice-aid / band-aid


Icelandic band aid box called Ice-aid.

School project (2009).

Þúfur - beanbag


Þúfur is a common sight in Icelandic landscape, The idea was to take it indoors and make an Icelandic bean bag.


School project (2009).

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