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artist + graphic designer




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Part time teaching Art & design history at Akureyri Junior College.



Was invited by Creative Momentum and Eyþing to take part in Artic Design Week in Rovaniemi, Finland. It was an amazing trip with two other designers from North Iceland and a group of creative people from North Ireland, West of Ireland, Sweden and Finland,



Designed the cover and layout of the book: Kristneshæli - saga berklasjúklinga.



Part time teaching Art & design history at Akureyri Junior College.



Designed the cover and layout of the book: Lífið í Kristneshæli.



Took part in Design March with the group from Not-Design exhibition at Akureyri Art Museum (2015) at Syrusson Hönnunarhús.



Illustration and book design (layout) for a children´s book called: "Vikkala Sól og hamingjukrúsin" (Vikkala Sól and the Happy-Jar) by writer Kristín Margrét Kristmannsdóttir. The book has gotten great reviews and in the first week out was on the top 10 sales lists in Eymundssson bookstores: childrens books #4 / List af all books #6






Designed the cover and layout of the book: Sagan af ömmu.



Designed a new look for a school version of the app 2know, which we will introduce at the Bett Technical Show in January 2016, we are taking part as a group of start-up companies from Iceland in cooperation with Íslandsstofa.



Products made for an group exhibition of 5 local designers in Akureyri Art Museum -  we plan to exhibit the products at DesignMarch 2016.


"INGÓLFUR" childrens desk - I redesigned an old children´s desk my grandfather (his name is Ingólfur Jónsson) made about 45 years ago. The plan was to turn his great craftmanship into a finished product, ready for mass production. (photos coming soon)

"DAGNÝ" a patterned shelf to put above a radiator - or simply as a decorative shelf. Dagný is my grandmothers name and I found it appropriate to name the shelf after her since these two objects were being exhibited together. (photos coming soon)





Created a website for Café Rosenberg a restaurant and live music venue in Reykjavík, run (and founded) by my father Þórður Pálmason and his wife Auður Kristmannsdóttir.



Founded Appia (software company) in company with Björn Gíslason and Matthías Rögnvaldsson, with the main goal to get the app 2know up and running.


2013 - 2014

Teaching part time at Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri (Akureyri School of Visual Arts)


Since 2009

Working freelance as well as working on my own design and product line: Bimbi


Among customers: Óðinsauga - bókaútgáfa, Tækifæri, Menntaskólinn á Akureyri, Gámaþjónustan, Sagaplast, ITH Starfsmannaþjónusta, Siena Consulting (Norway), Grenndargralið, Kvennakórinn Dóttir (Kbh, Denmark)...



Education & awards


2017 I was among 3 designers from Northern Iceland to be invited by Creative Momentum and Eyþing  to take part in Artic Design Week.


2015 With my partners at Appia, received a few grants for the project 2know-school, the biggest one from Rannís (the Icelandic Researchfund).



2015 Not - product design received a grant from Atvinnuþróunarfélag Eyjafjarðar



​2013 Received an award (3rd place) in company with Björn Gíslason and Matthías Rögnvaldsson for 2know.is at Startup Weekend Akureyri anh.is


2011 Received an award from Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri (Akureyri School of Visual Arts), for my final project: Bimbi


2011 Graduated from Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri (Akureyri School of Visual Arts), Graphic Design


2009 Graduated from the Háskólinn á Akureyri (University of Akureyri), Faculty of Education


2003 Graduated from Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri (Akureyri School of Visual Arts), Fine Arts


2000 Graduated from Menntaskólinn á Akureyri (Akureyri Junior College)


1992-1999 Art courses at: Liceo Artistico (Piacenza, Italy), Northern Essex Community College (Newburyport, MA, USA), Myndlistaskólinn í Reykjavík, Fjölbrautarskólinn í Breiðholti, Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri





2016 Design March / Hönnunarmars: Not - vöruhönnun, Syrusson Hönnunarhús


2015 Akureyri Art Museum - Listak, Not - vöruhönnun (5 local designers)


2014 Salur Myndlistafélagsins, The Visual Artists Society, Kræsingar, Group Exhibition


2014 Design March / Hönnunarmars, 30 designers at Epal Designstore


2013 Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy


2013 Handverk og Hönnun, Design and Crafts, Reykjvík


2013 Salur Myndlistafélagsins, The Visual Artists Society, Group Exhibition


2011 Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri, Graduation Exhibition - Graphic Design


2009 Kaffi Karólína, Solo Exhibition


2004 Geimstofan hönnunarhús, Group Exhibition - Rex & Pex


2003 Ketilhúsið, Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri, Graduation Exhibition - Fine Art


2003 Impra - Innovation Center Iceland


2003 Gallerí Gersemi, Student Exhibition at a local gallery


2002 Landsbankinn, Group Exhibition at Landsbankinn Bank


2001 Ketilhúsið, 10×10, Group Exhibition


2000 Safnasafnið, Student Exhibition


1999 Deiglan, Young Artists, Listasumar á Akureyri





Samband Íslenskra Myndlistarmanna (SÍM) / The Associaton of Icelandic   Visual Artists

Félag Íslenskra Teiknara (FÍT) / Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers

Myndlistarfélagið / The Artists’ Society in Akureyri

Gilfélagið / The Gil Society in Akureyri





2015, August, 15th Interview with product designer Helga Björg about our exhibition NOT-vöruhönnun:

http://www.visir.is/ExternalData/pdf/fbl/150815.pdf (bls. 449


2015, July 23rd Article on NOT-vöruhönnun from Morgunblaðið (www.mbl.is):



Group photo of the NOT-vöruhönnun designers

"INGÓLFUR" photo


2011, May 28th Graduation work featured in an online newspaper pressan



2011 May 23th Article on graduation work in Fréttablaðið newspaper and online on visir.is


pdf version: vefblod.visir.is/index.php


2011 Umfjöllun um Vorsýningu MyndAk í Vikud i​ birtist 19. maí 2011 í Vikudegi. Umfjöllun um útskriftarsýningu Myndlistaskólans á Akureyri - mynd af Bimbi

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